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Organisations that embrace risk management generate superior returns and a competitive edge over their peers because they realise that they do not operate in a vacuum. These organisations understand that the achievement of their objectives depends on how they respond to risk. They are exposed to a myriad of internal and external risks and are not isolated from global trends, industry developments and emerging technologies. Risk management is a strategic enabler that allows organisations to stay ahead of the curve by responding proactively to uncertainties, and with greater agility.

Our team of highly qualified risk specialists have all fulfilled Chief Risk Officer roles for leading public and private sector organisations. Our greatest passion lies in moving the industry forward to the point where the practice of risk management is truly global. Our team has also served as the Chief Risk Advisor for top risk management institutes around the world.

Our risk-related insights are regularly featured in a wide range of publications, such as Accountancy SA, Business Day, Commercial Risk Africa, Commercial Risk Europe, Cover Magazine, IODSA Directorship Magazine, Risk Africa Magazine, Enterprise Risk Magazine, Risq Magazine and The Star.



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